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Freshness to the Development

Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is private non-profit institute whose basic business orientation is ​​the growing importance of innovation in the development of the target region and its economy. Operation of the institute is based on excellence and adaptability to changes. It is conceived as a platform of experienced professionals from various expert fields providing high-quality services, while working with other organizations and experts in the region and internationally.

The mission
of the institute is to introduce the principles of innovation and sustainable development into the target region and promote the quality of cooperation between companies, support institutions and municipalities, with the fundamental aim to increase the competitiveness of the target region.

Objectives and principles
of work:

  • To support the innovativation and regional knowledge;
  • To promote the entrepreneurial culture and competitiveness;
  • To develop public-private partnership networks in the field of entrepreneurship, crafts, tourism, agriculture, NGOs, cooperatives and other initiatives;
  • To promote sustainability - concern for balanced economic, social and environmental development.

Institute for Innovativation and Entrepreneurship combines the expertise and experiences in the fields of public administration, EU programs (planning, coordination and management, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs), strategic planning, project management, sustainable and regional development, rural development (sustainable local food supply chains, smart villages, smart farms), sustainable tourism (management and marketing of tourism destinations, development of tourist products), innovation and entrepreneurship, business modelling (digitalisation and optimisation of business processes), marketing and public relations and networking with a wide range of international experiences in EU Member States and candidate countries.


Zavod za inovativnost in podjetništvo (Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship)
Pobreška cesta 20
2000 Maribor, Slovenia
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