Freshness to the Development

+ quality cooperation between enterprises, support institutions and municipalities

+ innovation and sustainable development principles for increased competitiveness

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism offer for environmentall friendly management and creation of long-term socio-economic benefits

Enterprising Countryside

Innovative and sustainable offer development and networking for enterprising countryside

Project Management

Professional approach and comprehensive management = from ideas to successful projects

Tourist value intensification of the flagship products in cross-border region SLO - A through new knowledge, services, exceptional holiday experiences, innovative cross-sectoral cooperation and new marketing approaches.

URBAN SOIL 4 FOOD - Establishment of Innovative Urban Soil Based Economy Circles to Increase Local Food Self-sufficiency and Minimize Environmental Footprint.

We are initiating project partnerships, preparing development projects, carrying out integral project management, performing monitoring and evaluation, advising by the planning and implementation of development projects.

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