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Maribor is the Future!

Project title:

Maribor is the future!


Društvo HIŠA, so.p.


Kulturno društvo center plesa, Turistično društvo Maribor, Društvo za razvoj filmske kulture, Medijsko društvo Plankton Media, Zavod za inovativnost in podjetništvo


10/2018 - 12/2019


We are in love with the stories and hospitality that are shared by the people of this city, which is full of controversy and myths.

With the established network of partners, we want in the team »Maribor is the future« to establish and increase the effectiveness of communication between partners, to create new contents of common integrated tourism products, to provide information to the public through announcements in new created media channels, social networks, partners' websites and regional or destination websites, ensuring the integration of new products on the (new) markets.

We will enable and implement the activities through the creation of new jobs during the project activity (6 jobs), with the desire for sustainable employment for better development of Maribor in the field of culture and tourism, with the goal and vision of the partner network, in order to illustrate the good practice of networking between different actors from culture and tourism sector in Maribor. 

Maribor - city of the future; the place where the other European cities are inspired in the segments of innovation and differentiation. Join us and experience Maribor. Discover its history, pamper your taste buds with traditional flavors, learn about the rich cultural heritage of the city or its young, playful and creative urban side.


Zavod za inovativnost in podjetništvo
Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
PO: Pobreška cesta 20, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Contact persons:
Janja Viher, m: +386 31 669 949, e: [email protected] 
Marko Kac, m: +386 41 917 740 , e:
[email protected]


Zavod za inovativnost in podjetništvo (Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship)
Pobreška cesta 20
2000 Maribor, Slovenia
e: [email protected]
w: www.zipiie.eu 

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