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Regio Vitalis

Project Title:

REGIO VITALIS – New perspectives of cross-border employment and creation of added value in medical tourism with future oriented cooperation in the fields of economy, employment and regional development


Tourismusregionalverband Steirisches Thermenland (A)


Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Regional Development Agency Mura, College of Hospitality and Tourism Radenci, QUA, Training Agency of East Styria (Austria), EU Regional Management East Styria (Austria), SZF, Educational Centre Fohnsdorf (Austria)


2010 – 2014


The main objective of the project is through the future oriented partnership of labour, economy and region to develop new perspectives for employment and creation of added value of medical and health oriented tourism in the project area (direct and sustainable raise of attractiveness of the region as a tourist destination of health, obtaining the positive effects for employees and inhabitants). Main activities:

  • Tourism networks: development of networks and cooperation in the fields of training, human resource management, agriculture, gastronomy and tourism, and medicine;
  • Youth in medical tourism: young, enthusiastic for tourism jobs through new offers of professional guidance;
  • Tourist Incubator: Support the entrepreneurs in tourism industry;
  • Pharmacy Nature: development of new treatments and use of regional products in cosmetics, nutrition and wellness;
  • Culinary and health: integration of regional cuisine and health into education and gastronomic offer.
More info: Project brochure


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