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Metka cooks - culinary life as a fairy tale

The story about happy potatoes, impetuous wild garlic, naughty plums and apples, smiling bread, playful eggs of happy hens, excellent milk of friendly cows that are really not purple ... about locally grown and prepared food from Metka's wonderland, representing the source of health and happiness.

"METKA COOKS - culinary life as a fairy tale" is intended for the mutual intergenerational awareness of the importance of local food supplies and raw material. Play with Metka and simply enjoy the culinary adventures for small and big kids. Attention, "METKA COOKS - culinary life as a fairy tale," stimulates appetite and happiness.

Free printed bookklet in Slovenian language is waiting for you in TIC Maribor, Old Wine House and ART mi je MAR destination shop in Maribor, Slovenia.

The publication "METKA COOKS - culinary life as a fairy tale" is produced within the REGIO VITALIS project, which is partly funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, European Territorial Cooperation Programme - Operational Programme Slovenia - Austria 2007-2013.


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